Thai International Car rent Co., Ltd.

 We are understand what your needs and how we can provide
 the best quality and comfortable car rental service  for your
 business and/or travelling trips.

 The most important of our service is the creation of good
 service and more convenience to carring you on the safety
 way until finished your destination.

 Over 20 years, Thai International Car Rent Co.,Ltd., we had proposed
 the best quality and guaranted to corresponding all kinds of business
 needs from car rental service , both of ordinary car service delivery and
 collective in downtown and up-country in specific route to the outside
 brance or plant for supporting your business success. The more
 experience in car service to the significant conference and ceremony of
 national and international level is served by Thai international Car Rent
  Co.,Ltd. such as World Bank International Conference in Thailand, Annual
 Conference of Asian Developing Bank ( ADB ) in Thailand, UNCTAD X
 Conference and many others great conference of government enterprise ,
 this can recommended and ensured you the reliability and quality of our
 car rental business.

 Nothing at all of business propose , We can make more valuable to the
 travelling in the special holiday if you needs something different and more
 luxury from the daily lifetime by providing the suitable car for your trips
 such as sport touring car or luxury suit van with the experienced driver(
 depended on your needs or not ) in every way. The most of all car is a
 new models or good condition car ( not excess than 4 years ) with good
 uniform driven or self-drive depend on individual request.

2001 Thai International Car Rent Co., Ltd.

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